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Why do you need a permissions specialist?
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Picture/Photo Research

Locating the best images are the heart and soul of a picture researcher’s job. We will explore all avenues to locate the best images for your project, secure permissions, and manage your photo budgets.

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Permissions Clearance

A permissions editor provides copyright clearances for any media, in a timely manner, and negotiates licenses and fees.

 MacCap Permissions has a solid knowledge of copyright issues, and stays abreast of the ever-changing copyright landscape.

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Workshops/ Consulting

Copyright infringement can cost you and your company—in terms of time, money, and your reputation. Give employees the tools to minimize the margin for errors by offering an in-house workshop on picture research and permissions clearances.

30+ years publishing & copyright clearance

We research content—still images, footage, audio recordings, art and illustrations, and literary and academic text—and secure the appropriate licenses for leading content developers throughout North America. We work with publishers, multi-media producers, NGOs, and non-profit organizations.

Research projects at MacCap Permissions (formerly MRM Associates) cover a wide range of subjects from the language arts to social studies to law to health sciences to general sciences to business.

As project managers, we have a solid understanding of our clients’ goals and manage multiple projects, deadlines, and budgets.

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McGraw-Hill Ryerson – Health

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McGraw-Hill Ryerson – Advanced Accounting

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McGraw-Hill Ryerson – Psychology

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Capstone – History Bizarre

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Capstone – Connor McDavid

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McGraw-Hill Ryerson – Psychology



Yep, we are blood-and-bones real, and this is what we look like.


Picture Researcher & Copyright Clearance Specialist
Mary Rose enjoys the diversity of projects, and the challenge and joy of being part of a team that creates wonderful educational and creative content.


Picture Researcher & Copyright Clearance Specialist, IT and Administration
Derek has a great fondness for textbooks. He still has several from his university days—even from courses he dropped!


Director of Health & Wellness
Ella believes life should be balanced between long walks, lots of good food, and plenty of sleep.


Co-Directors of Document Security
Amy and Sam are very protective about our clients’ files, especially before their morning coffee.


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